Traits That Make a Great Software Developer

Finding a truly wonderful software program developer these days is like seeking out a needle in a haystack—all however impossible.

Sure, there are loads of proper programmers obtainable who will do their task simply, and maximum of the time, you may be satisfied with their paintings. Plus, you’ll surely have an less difficult time pinning them down than you would a extraordinary developer.

So, why could you go after this uncommon species, waste your valuable time and resources, while you can choose a mean developer rather? What’s so unique approximately “the greats”?

Well, one thing that comes to thoughts is that they may be 3 instances extra efficient than your common developer, and 10 times extra than a bad one (Source: The Mythical Man-Month). Sounds like quite loads, doesn’t it?

It truely is, after they start doing their magic.

Something else to consider on the subject of builders is that extremely good ones are capable of not simplest write solid code however additionally have sure trends which lead them to as proper as they are. Now, in case you don’t have loads of enjoy with hiring programmers, you gained’t recognise which traits to take note of.

Luckily, here at Kolosek, we do.

After years and years of working with both suitable and awful programmers, we’ve controlled to pinpoint the traits that you ought to always look for in builders.

Today, I’ve decided to percentage with you seven developments which make a brilliant software program developer, in hopes of supporting you find yours. It would possibly take a while so one can come upon them, but after you do, you’ll be able to recognize them with greater ease.